Pick a pattern and we’ll reveal the way your mind works

The way you think determines the way you make your choices. Your choices, therefore, reveal a lot about your thought process. Pick a pattern and we’ll reveal the way you think.

#1 Clear and distinct

The pattern shown above is a clear depiction of a simple idea where different dimensions come together to form a simple design. It shows the different sides of the figure quite clearly and each angle is distinct from the other.

If this is the image of your choice then you have a mind which is attracted towards the simple yet distinct things in life. Your mind is adept at simplifying even the most complex patterns and is trained to find patterns which can be easily formulated. Your capacity to simplify patterns makes you incredible at solving problems and you go to the root cause before you begin solving the solutions. Your mind, therefore, is hardwired to understand first, solve second, and then conclude.

#2 Interlinked

The pattern shown above consists of a lot of lines, edges, and corners intricately interconnected to each other to form a complex pattern which is not discernible to all. It is a figure which would take time to unravel and some effort to understand.

If this is the pattern of your choice then your mind is hardwired to look for intricacies in the most complex of problems. You are the kind of person who does not go by the outer appearance but someone who delves deeper into an issue. Your mind is meant to understand the nuances of a problem before it acts and you usually come up with solutions which are well thought out and practical in nature. Your mind, therefore, is highly perceptive and geared towards a complex understanding.

#3 Bold and straight

The pattern above is made of few lines but they form a distinct design and each of the edges stand out boldly and promptly. There is no complexity associated with the pattern and it can be understood simply at a glance.

If this is the design you chose then your mind is drawn towards the simple but bold things in life. You are someone who is open, straightforward, and courageous by nature. Your mind does not prefer making things unnecessarily complicated and you keep everything from your thoughts to your relationships, straight and simple. You have, therefore, a mind which thrives in simplicity and is attracted towards the joys which emerge out of the simple beauties of life.

#4 Layered and complex

The pattern above is one of the simplest yet complicated designs possible. It follows the geometrical rules but has numerous layers of designs overlapping with each other to create a complex aura around it. It is a pattern which is beautiful but takes time to be understood as there’s too much happening with the design.

If this pattern is your choice then you have a mind which is not only complicated but also one which is multi-layered. There is no one way to define your personality and not one trait which stands out but you have a personality which is a blend of multiple aspects coming together to create beauty. Your mind inherently adds a mystery to your personality and your understanding makes you an enigma which is simply sexy.

#5 Solution oriented

The pattern above shows a complex figure but you can easily follow one strand to the other in a way that you can comprehend the entire picture quite clearly. There are no hidden sides to this figure and you can clearly see what one side of the figure is leading up to.

If this is the pattern of your choice then you are the kind of person who is solution oriented. You are someone who understands complex problems easily but rather than dwelling on the issue, you are interested in the solutions. Your mind is trained to look for patterns and analyze designs so that you can come up with an answer and while others are busy pointing out issues, your mind remains focused on getting the clearest solutions.

#6 Extroverted

The pattern above reflects a simple design which is creative but is not limited by a boundary. There are edges and corners which stem out of the figure and form a different pattern. It shows a pattern which is externally oriented.

If this is the pattern of your choice then you have a somewhat extroverted personality. You think from an outsider’s point of view and your actions are meant to reflect, to others, the beauty of your thoughts. You find comfort in the company of others and the external stimulus is important for your overall growth. You are, therefore, the kind of person who is exactly the same from outside and from within and there’s nothing in your heart that you like to hide.

#7 Introverted

The pattern above reflects the pyramids pointing inwards in a way that is not only subtle but perfect and well crafted. The design is simple and yet has multiple dimensions to it, each one emerging from a source which lies at the center of the design.

If this is the image you picked then you are the kind of person who is slightly on the introverted side. You live in your thoughts and you create your own world to cherish. You have a multidimensional personality but each of your virtues emerges from your soul and the perfection that your personality reflects stems out of the self-awareness which you have achieved. Your inner personality creates your outer one and it creates a thing of beauty.

#8 Creative and perfectionist

If this is the pattern of your choice then you are the kind of person who is attracted towards the finer things in life. The pattern above reflects a simplified design which is not only intricate in its composition but also pleasing to look at. It is beauty which is good for the eyes.

Your choice, therefore, reflects that you are drawn towards things which have been made with a lot of thought and has an inherent beauty which not everyone can see. You have a creative side which pulls you towards the arts and you are someone who would always appreciate creativity while forever striving towards perfection.

Source: The Daily Net

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